2017 Book List



Don’t make fun of me but, I just recently started reading the Harry Potter series. Its true I grew up in the age of Harry Potter and stayed off of that wagon for many years. Here I am at 23 years old and totally sucked in. I am not upset at this. I’m also still on the first book but the whole series is on my book list for this year. I don’t know if I have ever really had a book list for a year before however, I wanted to give it a try for this year. I have recently become more busy and don’t have as much down time. I wanted to make this list for myself as a reminder (#mombrain ..anyone else?). I usually just read whatever is cheap on amazon (for my kindle) but this year I want to focus on books that I am actually interested in. I have also discovered that I love the fantasy/ mystery genre which I never really tried to read before other than Twilight. Does that even count??

Anyways, here is my book list for 2017:

1. Harry Potter Series

2.Chronicles of Narnia Series

3.Any new book by GJ Walker- Smith

4.The Night Circus

5.The Choice- Nicholas Sparks

This is a much different list than I ever thought I would write for myself. I am excited to try and read all the the books on my list this year and hopefully to give some reviews!

What books are on your list for 2017? Do you make a list/goal every year? Feel free to leave me some more suggestions of great books to add to my list for this year or even next year.

Have a lovely day everyone.